Omni Realty

10x Increase In Leads For Omni Realty

Would a 269% increase in organic traffic have an effect on your property management company?

Unless you don’t like making money, there’s a good chance the answer is Yes.

Better yet, what if you could increase your revenues without having to chase after prospects?

What if you could have leads contacting your business on their own?

We’re going to show you how we achieved this growth for Omni Realty.

“We have been working with Upkeep Media for around 6 months now and the results are outstanding. Our website has never been busier. We are receiving 10 times the number of applicants compared to last year.”
Alex Blossman, CTO Omni Realty

The Client:

Omni Realty provides property management services in Memphis, Tennessee and the surrounding areas. 

The Problem:

Prior to working with us, Omni Realty was receiving very few internet inquiries. They came to us looking to increase the amount of traffic and leads they received from the internet.

Prior to working with us, Omni Realty was not ranking on the first page of Google for any buyer intent keywords.

  Omni Realty Website

The Approach:

  • Improve their existing website by adding in-depth, relevant content regarding the services they provide and the areas they service
  • Implement technical updates to their website, including local schema
  • Fix local citations to ensure NAP consistency
  • Optimize Omni Realty’s Google+/Google My Business listing.
  • Add on quality content on a monthly basis through the form of blog posts
  • Launch a massive link building campaign through outreach to local businesses, local bloggers, industry-relevant bloggers.
  • Large guest posting campaign to create contextual links
  • Improve Omni Realty’s online reviews (a key ranking factor)



On-Site Optimization

  • We focused on pages that search engines already preferred (ranking between 1-35) and improved the on-site optimization, quality of content, and the length of content.
  • We added schema markup, which the site was previously missing.
  • We fixed URL cannibalization, Duplicate Title Tags, Missing Title Tags,
  • We corrected the HTML Structure of the website
  • Added on relevant content that we could use to acquire links and increase the topical relevance of their website.
  • Created silo structures to improve the flow of link equity
  • We rewrote existing service pages due to duplicate content issues


Off-Site Optimization

  • Created social media properties and web 2.0 properties
  • Fixed existing citations and added Omni Realty into directories where they weren’t previously listed
  • Built local citations in city-specific directories
  • They needed links – so we targeted real estate bloggers, local businesses, real estate websites, local bloggers with a number of value propositions:
    1. Guest Posts
    2. Sponsored Posts
    3. Link Roundups
    4. Resource Page Inclusions

The Results


Google Analytics

Omni Analytics


Keyword Visibility

Omni Serp Visibility

Keyword Rankings



  • Within 90 days their website was ranking on the first page for multiple buyer intent keywords
  • 269.25% increase in organic traffic to their website in 6 months
  • Now receiving 10x the number of contact form submissions compared to the same period for the previous year.
  • Overall SERP Visibility (i.e total keywords ranking) is at an all-time high for Omni Realty.