White Hat Link Building

HIGH QUALITY LINKS are the key to SEO results


It takes years to build successful relationships with high profile bloggers and webmasters. Upkeep Media provides your agency with access to those websites TODAY.


Ranking a website is fairly simple when you  break it down. All you need is a mobile optimized website, high quality content, quality inbound links, and if we’re talking about Local SEO add on some citations and quality local and niche directory links.


Our link building services are designed to give you access to high quality links that will boost referral traffic and your rankings. By using our services you’ll have instant access to links from hundreds of niche relevant websites. Never worry about not being able to fulfill your minimum link quota again!

How We Achieve Results


1. By Manually Prospecting Link Opportunities

We have a team trained to scour the internet for high quality link opportunities.


Our team goes through a massive list of search engine commands and searches through all the major search engine operators (Google, Yahoo, Bing).


Our search commands are designed to target niche relevancy as well as geo-relevancy, so that you receive links that are highly relevant and pass on link equity.



2. By Understanding What A Healthy Link Looks Like


We then examine each link opportunity to ensure it passes our strict testing standards. We look at metrics that actually matter:


  • Domain Authority – Used as an initial point of screening
  • Link Profile Analysis – We manually review the link profile of each website we acquire a link from, using Ahrefs and Majestic to ensure it’s clean, trust worthy and relevant
  • Keywords – We use SEMRush to determine what keywords the domain is currently ranking for. We firmly believe that if Google is ranking it, it drives ranking equity.
  • Traffic – We use SEM Rush to estimate traffic volume to a domain. If a domain drives traffic, it drives ranking equity and referral traffic for your website



3. We manually reach out to each prospect

Once high quality links are discovered and pass our tests, we begin manual outreach to each prospect.


Our outreach team is efficient, educated and experienced in what good web content looks like. They handle the process of going back and forth with webmasters to come up with a topic idea, tweaking content to meet their demands, as well as placing images and links to their liking.


This can be extremely tedious and time consuming . However, our outreach team is well trained at getting your links placed.



4. We Write The Content


Not only do we find high quality link opportunities, we write high quality content to go along with the link. Once the content is written it is also reviewed by our content editor to make sure it’s representative of the level of content a company would expect.


Your website will now be associated with premium content which will result in referral traffic as well as additional link equity.



5. We Insure the Link


We work exclusively with high caliber websites. This means none of the websites we work with are in the business of removing links after a certain time period.


However, if this were to happen we offer a one year link replacement guarantee.


This means if for some reason your link is ever removed, we will replace it with a link of similar authority at no charge.


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