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HIGH-QUALITY LINKS are the key to SEO results

It takes years to build successful relationships with high-profile bloggers and webmasters. Upkeep Media provides your agency with access to those websites TODAY.


Ranking a website is fairly simple when you break it down. All you need is a mobile-optimized website, high-quality content, quality inbound links, and if we’re talking about Local SEO add on some citations and quality local and niche directory links.


Our link building services are designed to give you access to high-quality links that will boost referral traffic and your rankings. By using our services you’ll have instant access to links from hundreds of niche relevant websites. Never worry about not being able to fulfill your minimum link quota again!

Link Building Company Process

We are one of the leading white hat link building companies in the market today. Over the years, we have worked hard to build processes and systems that are designed to give our clients the best service for their money. That is why we can confidently say that our service can rival any agency in the country.


Here are some specific things that we do that should convince you why you should select us as your link building partner:


Creating a Gmail Account

First and foremost, all our campaigns start off with creating a Gmail account for our client. This email is then used to contact all relevant link targets that we find.


Ideally, the Gmail account is created for the business owner as it is much more logical to get links when people think they are dealing with the owner rather than someone who is simply hired to build links. We thus use your designation to contact people with the goal of building links for your business.


Google Analytics

The next step is to utilize the data from your Google Analytics account. This means that we will get insight about your business, your website, your website content, your visitors, their basic profile etc. This can give important information about the effectiveness of your website as well as the type of traffic it generates.


Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another excellent tool that we use to discover which keywords your website shows up for, how effective those keywords are in driving traffic to your website and how we can maximize those keywords. We can also use this tool to find out areas of opportunities to improve ranking and to get more impressions and clicks.


Both Google Analytics and Google Search Console can be used to identify:

  • most popular pieces of content on your website;
  • keywords that rank well but could still use a boost;
  • keywords that are receiving impressions in the search results but are still not being clicked.


Anchor-Text Ratio

In order to analyze incoming links and the ratio of their anchor text, we can use tools like SEM Rush, Moz Pro, and Majestic SEO. It is important to identify if all the links to your site are coming in using anchors that you want to rank for. It might be a good idea to build easy links to dilute this effect and to make it seem more natural.


Content Audit

The quality of content on your website is extremely important for link building. That is why conducting a content audit is essential. This will help us identify if:


  • you are actively creating new content;
  • you have a content creator;
  • you are getting social shares and if yes, how much;
  • you have any distribution channels such as a social following or an email list;
  • you are willing to invest in new content.


A content audit can also be effective in specifically identifying good content URLs and use them during the link building exercise.


If the audit shows that your content is not that great, you don’t need to panic. You simply have to be open to the idea of creating new content that would be more interesting and relevant for your target audience.


You can use your own content writer for this purpose but if you don’t have one, or if the one you have is unable to create quality content, we can provide you excellent content writers who will create material that is specifically geared to your target audience and is SEO optimized.


Links Audit

Similar to a content audit, a link audit is an analysis of all your current incoming links. This will help us filter out:


  • spammy and unnatural links
  • over-optimize anchor text


The links audit will also include a review of your metrics including the trust flow (TF), citation flow (TF), domain authority (DA), page authority (PA) and link history. We can also identify pages that are not being utilized properly and improve them so as to help them achieve their full link building potential.


Generate Google Operators

Google Operators are keywords that are extremely powerful. By generating these operators, we can find out the specific types of websites that would be a good match for the kind of links you are targeting.


Project Management Plan

In order to chalk out a roadmap for your campaign, we will create a project management plan. The plan will outline specific actions and will have a status update for each task: assigned, working or completed. This will make it easy for you to understand what we plan to do over the next few months and what our timelines are expected to be.



Now that we know which keywords you want to rank for, the content that we can use to achieve that rank, the types of links we want to get and the search operators that we can use to generate targets for links, we can now create a list of targets. This will be an ongoing process and will, in most cases, change daily.


Create Personalized Emails

Once we have our targets, we will then connect with them through personalized emails. Whenever possible, we will try to use their name and the most appropriate type of email. The goal is to connect and to create an interaction that is mutually beneficial for both parties.



This is one of the most important steps of this entire process and one that many choose to ignore. You do realize that people get hundreds of emails every day. There is no way they are going to open each and every one of those emails. That is why we will track opening rates and once we identify people who have not seen our initial email, we will send them a follow-up email.


This way we can try and maximize our opening rates and also improve our connection with our target audience.


Performance Indicators

We will evaluate our performance on the basis of two indicators:


  • Organic Traffic Growth
  • Referral Traffic Growth


Our link building efforts will improve the number of people who click on your links. They will do so because now your content will be geared towards them and they will be interested in the information they are receiving. This, in turn, will help you generate targeted traffic which in turn can help convert visitors into buyers/customers.


In addition, the links that we are going to build will be on relevant and high authority websites. This will help improve your website’s organic ranking which in turn will generate more traffic.


Link Building Goals

While the number of links we generate is dependent on the type of business you have, the quality of your content, the type of product or service you are offering and your target audience but on  average, we believe that we can get you between 10-20 links per month. Keep in mind that the better your content, the higher this number can be.


Reporting and Tracking

We will track all our activities. We will use a link sheet that will contain our project plan, our targets, the status of our personalized email plan, the content that we’re using, the passwords for our campaigns, live links, and all other important information. Information will be updated in real time and will be accessible to you at all times.


Link Types

We use 20 different link types but all of them may not necessarily be used for your campaign. But in essence, there will be 4 or 5 links that will be used most prominently throughout your campaign.


Some link types could be:


Links Roundups

The most underutilized type of link and includes those posts that are trending on the Internet that people are sharing on social media.


Guest Posting

This is a good approach when you don’t have good content. What we will do is approach other sites that allow guest posting. We will then send the content to them so that they can publish it. The quality of content really matters in such a case and you will see that the higher the quality of the piece, the higher the benefit from the link back to your site.


Sponsored Posts

This is another great way of getting links. Sponsored posts will cost you money but in exchange for this money, you will get a post which can talk about your product or service and at the same time, offer something worthwhile to your target audience.


Local and University Bloggers

Blogging is a very popular activity these days and while blogging is a good way of making money, not everybody is successful at it. That is why we will help identify the most successful local bloggers and will make them an offer to link to your site. This could be a monetary offer or an offer in kind, depending on who you speak to.


Other Tactics

Other tactics that we can use for link building include:


  • Infographics
  • Reverse Engineering Competitor Links
  • Skyscraper method
  • Broken link building

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