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Upkeep Media is looking for writers who have a passion for marketing, who love to write articles about SEO, Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, CRO, or PPC. If you love the challenge of this industry and are up for the challenge of producing high quality content we would love to hear from you.


At Upkeep Media, we’re looking to create high quality, educational blog posts that help push the digital marketing industry forward. We don’t want rehashed content that you find on every marketing blog out there, we’re looking for high quality content.


If you can offer an in-depth article on digital marketing and create interesting posts for our readers, don’t hesitate to contact us.


We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


Here Are Our Guidelines

We don’t want to waste your time so please make sure you are ready to produce a high-quality article before pitching a guest post to us. We hold our blog content to the highest standards when it comes to posting content.


We make no exception regarding our standards for our Guest posts.


Our blog posts are read by many small business owners and people who are considered leaders in content marketing. We’re open to accepting thorough beginner’s guides or content that will educate industry leaders. 


Upkeep Media’s blog posts are thoroughly researched and provide actionable advice on a variety of digital marketing topics, such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Content Marketing, Analytics, Growth Hacking, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Lead Generation. When we release new content we do with the intention of educating our readers and providing new information they can use to grow their business.


We love to hear from guest bloggers who can provide:

  • Case studies on digital marketing
  • Articles that provide our audience actionable advice
  • Original and in-depth content, which must be longer than 1,500 words


Please make sure you review our standards, we won’t publish your guest post if your article doesn’t meet our standards.


What We Are NOT Looking For

Please take some time to review the posts we already have on the Upkeep Media blog. We aren’t looking for content about topics we have already written about.


We are also not looking to accept any content that has been published elsewhere. If you have already written something that was published on another blog, don’t send it to us. We will only accept material that’s 100% original.


We have a very strict content calendar at Upkeep Media so there will be certain deadlines you will need to meet. When you message us, please let us know by what date we can expect to receive the article. If you need time, that’s fine. Just give us an idea of when we can expect the content so we can plan accordingly.


What We Are Looking For

We love showing our audience how they can create awesome content, grow their business, get better results, and be more efficient in their business. This is why we only accept high-quality posts that really provide value for our readers. It’s also why our blog posts are all 1,500 to 3,000 words or longer.


We’re looking for guest bloggers who can produce compelling, informative content that will benefit our readers. We want writers who will produce well-researched content, who use statistics and data to back up their content.


We’re looking for articles that will produce value for our readers. If you think you can provide our readers with a thorough guide for tips on SEO, content marketing, blogging, social media marketing, or email marketing then we’re excited to hear from you!


Here’s Our Format

At Upkeep Media we’re particular about the content we publish on our blog. We follow some strict guidelines and expect you to follow them:

  • Use a casual tone. Inform people about your topic, don’t lecture them.
  • Your claims need to be supported by links to your research or research that has been performed by a 3rd party.
  • Use screenshots to explain how to do something in more detail.
  • No fluff, don’t repeat the same point multiple times in your article.
  • Create engaging headlines that entice the reader’s to click through to your article
  • Keep your paragraphs short. 3-4 sentences is ideal.
  • Your article should be no less than 1,500 words — and much longer is welcome.
  • Use H1, H2, and H3 subheaders
  • Only link out to relevant content (we have no problem allowing a link to your website. You deserve it, but please make sure it is to relevant content)


If you think you can provide a more in-depth article or a new perspective on a topic we have already covered, don’t hesitate to let us know how you would update it.


At the end of the day, we’re looking to provide high-quality content that will help businesses thrive.


While it isn’t mandatory, we also encourage you to respond to any comments that are left for your article.



How To Proceed

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