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We'll show you a strategic plan of action to increase traffic, leads, and ultimately add more doors for your property management company. You'll get a fully customized blueprint that will show you how to dominate your local market.

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We'll show you a strategic plan of action to increase traffic, leads, and ultimately add more doors for your property management company. You'll get a fully customized blueprint that will show you how to dominate your local market.

We've Generated Thousands of Rental Owner Leads For Our Clients. Here's What They Have to Say...

Evolve Real Estate

7 reviews

4 months ago

We are very happy working with Upkeep Media. They have been very effective, we have seen a tremendous traffic increase in just 6 months. Our leads nearly doubled due to their effort. Their reports are concise and very clear for people without computer background. Everything is explained so that you feel you have good understanding and they are not talking over your head. They are always available to answer any questions. Thanks!

Derek Dawson

4 reviews

4 months ago

I started working with Upkeep media at the beginning of the year and I could not be more impressed with their services. They have exceeded my expectations and are a valuable resource for my business. The improvements to my website and google ranking have improved dramatically. I’m very pleased to be working with a great marketing partner!

David Weber

6 reviews

3 months ago

We have been working with Upkeep for almost 2 years now and are extremely happy with their services. Customer service, attention to detail, willingness to go above and beyond are second to none. They are a great partner in helping us to expand our business.

Jonah Donnelly

4 reviews

4 months ago

The Upkeep Media team really understood our needs and they continue to help us manage our growth efforts. I really appreciate working with Alexander and Stephen, I’ve had a chance to speak with both of them. They’ve always been easy to contact and they get back to us whenever we have questions. Thank you guys!

Benjamin Maciel

7 reviews

4 months ago

Stephen and the team are go-getters! Hungry and always willing to go the extra mile. SEO/Facebook services are great. Stick with them and they will take care of you like they are taking care of my company.

Theodoros Zoumboulis

3 reviews

7 months ago

Working with Upkeep Media has been a positive experience. They recently completed my website and are now working on my company's marketing. I'm extremely happy with the quality of work they have done for my company. Thank you!

Alex Blossman

5 reviews

8 months ago

We have been working with Upkeep Media for around 6 months now and the results are outstanding. Our organic traffic is up 46%, and our website has never been busier. We are receiving 10 times the number of applicants compared to last year.

Patrick Beugnon

2 reviews

11 months ago

Very happy with Upkeep Media. They did a fantastic job on my website and on marketing. They also inserted a French Flag on my home page which converts the site to French for my French clients. Recommend +++

Mark Mills

1 reviews

6 months ago

My company, Bridgepoint Property Management in Charleston, SC, recently completed a marketing engagement with Upkeep Media, Inc. The Upkeep team was easy to work with and created excellent results for our website and our overall marketing plan. We went from ranking on page 4-5 to page 1-2 consistently within a few months. Upkeep helped us create content as well as developed and executed a well-planned SEO program for our business. I highly recommend Upkeep!

Karen Joyal

12 reviews

5 months ago

Our company hired Upkeep Media to work on online marketing for my Property Management company in FL. I would highly recommend this company. They deliver results as expected and do not try to win your business with empty promises. I am updated with a monthly report and he is readily available for any questions or concerns. My website has moved from the black abyss of the internet world to the top pages of google searches and my business has increased accordingly. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts. It is paying off for us.

Real Living Pittman Properties

4 reviews

11 months ago

We have been happy with the work that Upkeep Media has done to help strengthen our web presence in our area. Alex was always responsive and helpful with explaining what they were doing and how it was improving our site. We certainly would recommend Upkeep Media to anyone that is looking to improve their web presence and grow their business.

Lissany Orellana Kelly

3 reviews

a year ago

Very happy with UPkeep Media. They did a fantastic job on my website and on marketing. They also inserted a French Flag on my home page which converts the site to French for my French clients. Recommend +++

Brian Schambs

8 reviews

a year ago

Simply put, Upkeep Media offers amazing service and follows through on their promises. I was a bit dubious at first but they've shown us consistently month after month that their skills and expertise are second to none. If you're interested in significantly improving the online presence of your business, there is no need to look anywhere else!

John Constas

3 reviews

a year ago

If you are looking for knowledgeable, passionate people who have the needs of your business at heart, the guys at Upkeep Media are all that and more. Give them a shout and see them work their magic. Thanks guys!

Shibga Chowdhury

45 reviews

a year ago

Working with Upkeep Media has been a great experience. Stephen and his team have gone out of there way to explain the process of SEO. My search engine rankings have drastically improved and I'm bringing in a consistent amount of new business each month now. I'll definitely be working with them for years to come.

Kellie Tollifson

4 reviews

a year ago

Upkeep Media has been a great company to work with! We have been working with them for about a year and they have made a positive impact on our business! The Upkeep Media team is responsive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend using Upkeep Media.

hojin lee

2 reviews

a year ago

Upkeep Media has been a fantastic addition to our marketing team. While we outsource all our online needs to them, they are truly invested in our company’s growth. Thank you guys!

Matthew Baloukas

1 reviews

a year ago

Nothing but helpful. Even before we decided to work with them, they took the time to answer our questions. We've seen a steady increase in our organic traffic and google rankings and we're happy to leave a review!

Be quick! Free spots for July are almost all gone

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