162 New Properties in 12 Months [Avg: 13.5 New Properties per Month]


Archer Management Group


Full-service property management company serving Southern California.

The Problem

Looking to Grow Their Business

Archer Management Group had a goal of growing their business but were not getting the quantity of leads they needed to reach their goals.


High Acquisition Costs

Archer Management Group had been running Google Ads on their own but had run into difficulty due to rising competition in the Google ad space.

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Our Process


Archer Management Group had a great website, strong reviews and quality service. Their main challenge was the recent increase in competition of property management companies in Southern California as well as the strong real estate market incentivizing owners to sell. To add to that, all this took place during Covid-19.

To generate business, they relied on APM (All Property Management) leads but had to supplement it with their own Google Ads to have a fighting chance of producing the number of owners leads required to reach their growth goals.

Historically APM worked really well but over time could not produce the amount of leads they needed every month.

They used Google Ads to supplement their efforts once they came to the realization that steps needed to be taken to develop their own unique lead channels which they have the ability to scale. Although it worked, the cost per lead was still high and with their existing budget, they could not reach the monthly lead flow they desired.

At that point, they were referred to us. We set up Growth Marketing Session and had chat. From there, we put a plan together and started to work together!

Our Process

As previously mentioned, Archer Management Group had a strong online foundation (Phase 1: Great Website + Strong Reviews) but it was not producing the amount of leads necessary because there were not enough rental properties owners discovering them online (Phase 2: Traffic Generation).

Their website was well positioned to benefit from an SEO Campaign and that’s exactly what we focused on.

We took steps in implementing a lead generation strategy (SEO) that would be scalable for years to come.

Steps Taken:

  1. Conducted an Onsite SEO Audit and implemented the necessary changes.
  2. Conducted a Technical SEO Audit and implemented the adjustments to their WordPress website.
  3. Conducted Keyword Research and a Competitor Content Gap Analysis to plan content creation.
  4. Focused on content creation geared at rental property owners and real estate investors.
  5. Focused on outreach and link building to build the authority of their website.
  6. Focused on generating new reviews for their Google My Business so web visitors felt comfortable enough to reach out.

The Results

One year later, Archer Management Group has added on 162 New Properties

During a challenging year and an extremely hot California sales market, Archer Management group has had their best year yet

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