From 75 to 200 Doors in 24 Months


Bigham & Associates

Full-service residential property management company serving Austin, Texas.

The Problem


Stalled Growth & Not Enough Leads

Bigham & Associates had been in business for over 30 years but hit a road block in growing their door count. The market slowly became more and more competitive and they decided to reinvest into their business so they can grow.


Poor User Experience

Bigham & Associates’ website was providing a poor user experience and had never successfully used their website to generate new business.

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Our Process

Website Redesign followed by a SEO Campaign

Bigham & Associates was well positioned to benefit from an SEO Campaign because they had been present in the local market for over 30 years but never focused on leveraging the internet to grow.

The first focus was a website redesign (Phase 1) which would be tailored to new owners and investors rather than their existing clients.

The second step was focused on implementing an ongoing SEO campaign aimed at driving new owners and investors to their website (Phase 2) on a consistent basis.

The Results


Increased door count in 24 months


Page 1 Rankings Increase: [79 vs. 6]


New Users Organic Traffic Increase [3947 New Users vs. 88 New Users]

What They Have to Say

We highly recommend Alex and his team to anyone wishing to grow their business. They have done a great job of rebuilding our website and improving our rankings

James Bigham


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