202 New Doors in 17 Months


Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management


Full-service residential and commercial property management serving Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Problem


Looking to Grow Their Business

Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management had a goal of growing their business but were not getting the quantity of leads they needed to reach their goals.


Poor User Experience

Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management’s website was providing a poor user experience and had never successfully used their website to generate new business.

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Our Process

Website Redesign Followed by a Search Engine Optimization Campaign

Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management was well positioned to benefit from an SEO campaign.

Their website provided poor user experience and was not built to convert property owners and new investors.

We started by redesigning their company website and focused on the following:

  • Built with new owners and investors in mind (i.e. built to convert new leads)
  • Fixed all onsite SEO issues (ex: strategic redirects, URL restructuring, etc.)
  • Improved technical SEO issues by implementing a website with clean code and fast loading speeds.

After redesigning their website for better conversions and proper onsite and technical SEO issues, we then launched their SEO campaign.

Here we not only focused on buyer intent keywords such as ‘Colorado Springs property Management’ but we also focused on top of the funnel keywords to target owners looking for solutions as well as targeting investors looking to buy investment properties.

The Results

202 New Doors

In 17 Months


Page 1 Rankings Increase (100 vs 45)

What They Have to Say

LOVE UpKeep Media and the people who work here! Alex and Hannah are true experts in their field. From creating true organic traffic for your property management website to blogs, they are knowledgeable and thorough with every aspect of SEO. They truly care about your company and needs. I highly recommend them.

Kelly Miller

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