66 New Doors Under Management [12 Months]


Draper Realty & Construction


Full-service property management company serving Norman, Moore, and Noble, Oklahoma.

The Problem


Not Enough Leads

Draper Realty had grown entirely through word of mouth and referral business. They generated no business using their website.


Poor Online Reputation

At the time we started working together, they had 1 review, with a 1 star rating.

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Our Process

Draper Realty had a weak online foundation (Phase 1: Great Website + Strong Reviews).

They were using a GoDaddy website and had only 1 online review (with a 1 star rating).

The first step we took was to fix their website and begin working on their online reputation. We designed a brand new website for them and along with their help, improved their online reputation to be the leader in their market. They went from 1 star overall to currently having a 4.8 star rating with 44 Google reviews.

After fixing the foundation of their business (Website + Online Reputation), we then launched a lead generation strategy (SEO) that would help them stand out in their market.

Steps Taken:
  1. Focused on building up their website to be a robust website with a lot of content relevant for rental property owners.
  2. Launched a review campaign to help Draper improve their online reputation
  3. Began an outreach campaign geared at generating quality backlinks to their website
  4. Generated content geared towards real estate investors since Draper Realty also provides Real Estate Sales services

The Results

66 Doors

Added in 12 Months

4.8 Rating

From 44 Google Reviews


New Users Organic Traffic Increase


Business Growth

After 12 Months, Draper Realty has brought on 66 New Doors to Manage

During a year in which real estate sales have been very high due to investors selling because of increasing home values, Draper Realty has managed to nearly triple their business. They have also improved their online reputation to have a 4.8 star overall rating with 44 Google Reviews.

Organic Traffic Comparison

Organic Keywords Trend

What They Have to Say

I reached out to Upkeep to jumpstart a small property management company I have been running for many years. Our goal in the first year was to go from 40 to 75 homes. At the time we hired Upkeep we had no google ratings, and was hard to find on any search engine. In the first 6 months, my google ratings began growing, and my presence on google changed. I am now the highest rated PM in my area, because of this, I now have 104 doors! I am extremely happy with the services, and they deliver! Our company is growing faster than anticipated, and I am thrilled!

Susan Draper


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