100 New Doors in 12 Months [During Covid]


Innovative Property Solutions


Full-service residential property management serving Jacksonville, Florida.

The Problem


Looking to Grow Their Business

Innovative Property Solutions had a goal of growing their business but were not getting the quantity of leads they needed to reach their goals.

Rising Google Ads Cost-Per-Lead

Innovative Property Solutions had been using Google Ads since 2013 to generate online leads but every year the cost per conversions rose until it reached a point they considered to be ineffective.

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Our Process

Helped Their Existing Web Developer with Website Redesign Recommendations and Technical SEO Fixes

Innovative Property Solutions was well positioned to benefit from an SEO Campaign because they had been present in the local market for many years but never focused on improving their website.

Their website provided poor user experience and did not follow Technical SEO best practices.

We worked with their existing developer to implement proper web design principles geared to convert new owners and investors.

We also helped them with implementing Technical SEO best practices so our team would have the ability to make useful changes on the backend which are important for a successful SEO Campaign.

Create an SEO Campaign focused on Onsite SEO and Link Building

Once their website was redesigned and all the technical SEO issues were resolved, we moved to launching an ongoing SEO Campaign focused on Content Creation, Onsite SEO and Link Building.

We built out topically relevant content geared towards Owners Looking for Property Management Services as well as Investors Looking to Buy Rental Properties.

We reached out to other authoritative websites and collaborated with them to help scale link building and promote the business as a local authority.

The Results

16 to 20

Organic Website Leads per Month

3X Lead Flow

18 vs 6 per month


Cheaper per month (SEO Cost Vs. Google Ads Cost)


Cost-Per-Lead Decrease


New Users Organic Traffic Increase


Page 1 Rankings Increase [171 vs. 13]

Page Ranking

Page Ranking

Organic Traffic