35% Increase in Lead Flow [6 Months]


Keyrenter Richmond

Full-service property management company serving Richmond, Virginia

The Problem

Looking to Grow Their Business

Keyrenter Richmond was looking to continue expanding their business. In order to reach their growth goals they needed more leads

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Our Process

Create an SEO Campaign with a focus on content creation and link building

Keyrenter Richmond had good potential to benefit from a search engine optimization campaign. We executed an SEO strategy focused on the following:

  • Building out the website to be optimized for all of the markets they service
  • Creating topical relevance via content creation for their market
  • Creating service pages targeting buyer intent keywords for the different types of properties they manage
  • Building local backlinks to their website to increase local relevancy
  • Building industry related backlinks to their website to increase authority
  • Creating content geared towards landlords and real estate investors in Richmond

The Results


increase in page 1 rankings [70 vs 37]


increase in lead flow

SERP Rankings

50.04% Increase in Organic Traffic