136 New Doors in 5 Months [Avg: 27 New Doors per Month]


TruHome Properties


Full-service residential property management serving Grand Forks, North Dakota.

The Problem


Looking to Grow Their Business

TruHome Property Solutions had a goal of growing their business but were not getting the quantity of leads they needed to reach their goals.


Poor User Experience

TruHome Property Solutions had never successfully used their website to generate new business. Their website was not user-friendly or designed to convert property owners and investors into leads.


Not Enough Online Reviews

TruHome Property Solutions is a well-established property management with a great reputation within the community, however, this was not represented online.

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Our Process

TruHome Property Solutions was well positioned to benefit from an Online Marketing Campaign as they had been present in the local market for over 20 years but never focused on using the internet to grow.

One aspect that was hindering their growth was user experience on their website as well as company branding.

TruHome Property Solutions needed to rebrand their website so that it focused on new owners and property investors.

With a rebranded website, the next step for TruHome Property Solutions was to focus on generating a strong reputation through online reviews.

Main Benefit

With a redesigned website and large increase in online reviews, TruHome’s Online Marketing Campaign quickly translated into quick wins through increased website conversions (i.e. more leads).

Once a strong foundation was established (Great Website + Online Reviews), TruHome was ready for the next phase: Traffic Generation.

As TruHome had been present in the local market for over 20 years, their site had some great history and SEO was the right strategy for them. Since month one, the main focus has been to build up TruHome Property Solutions’ company website as the local authority.

By creating consistent content that is keyword rich (i.e. topics owners and investors actually search for), there’s been a significant increase of targeted traffic each month.


This has translated to a 3X lead flow increase. It’s allowed them to close 90% of their yearly goal within the first 5 months.

The Results


Traffic Increase


Lead Flow Increase


New Reviews Acquired

136 (Avg: 27 per month)

New Doors Acquired

Before Reputation Management

After Reputation Management

Before Online Marketing [Month 1]

After Online Marketing [Month 5]

What They Have to Say

My Name is Derek Nolte and I’m the owner at TruHome Property Solutions. We’ve been managing properties for investors in Grand Forks, North Dakota for over 5 years. I came across Upkeep Media’s Website when I was doing research online for new ways to generate more business. I booked an initial call with them and found it to be really helpful. They explained the overall approach they work toward with their clients and showed me exactly what they could do for my business. Choosing to work with Upkeep Media was simple. From the very beginning, I could see they practiced what they preached and offered complete transparency in their approach. From a customer point of view, this experience was exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. The key thing that was important to us with our relationship with Upkeep Media was the delivery of a real value and real return on our marketing investment. At first, I was a bit nervous but seeing the type of results they got with their other property management clients helped me take the leap. Since then, I couldn’t be happier! I love our new website and since we’ve started working together, I’ve seen a consistent uptick in leads. If you’re looking for a team to help you with marketing, lead generation and growth - I’d definitely recommend partnering with Upkeep Media.

Derek Nolte


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