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Issuing a press release has traditionally been used to spread word about an exciting announcement your company would like to share with the world. By getting your press release in the hands of media outlets around the world it allows word of mouth to spread like wild fire. While this is the traditional reason for issuing a press release, we’re not going to waste your time discussing what is so clearly evident. Instead, we’re going to tell you 3 Reasons you should be issuing a press release for your business that may not be as evident.

1. Issuing a press release will allow you to get high quality links from well established media outlets.

The links you get from issuing a press release are fantastic. There is no other way to get so many legitimate, high quality links from real news sites. High quality links are great for SEO.

Here are some links we received from a recent press release we ran:


Issuing a Press Release


These high quality links will allow you to grow a great base for your link building efforts, which help increase your website’s authority in the search engine results.

2. A press release will allow you to build a great diversity of links, while avoiding Google’s Penguin Penalty.

As discussed above, a press release will allow your company’s website to obtain many high quality links. One of the main issues websites have had with obtaining links is that they have been penalized by Google for having too many links using exact anchor text.

With a press release you can easily use naked URL as your anchor text (such as or a brand anchor text (such as Upkeep Media). This will allow you to build up links to your website in a natural way, from high quality domains, and not risk being penalized by Google’s Penguin penalty.

3. Issuing a press release is great for online reputation management

A press release will act as social proof that your business is credible. When potential customers see that your
business has been featured in trusted, reputable news sources they’ll associate your business as being a trusted and reputable brand. Once you land links from these news sources you can then include them on your website which should give you massive credibility and social proof. 

From issuing a press release

Recommendations for Issuing a Press Release

1. Every new website should issue a press release

A press release is a great way to build a solid foundation of high quality links to your website. This will translate into increased Domain Authority, which will eventually help your website rank higher in the search engines. A new website is in need of a solid foundation of high quality links and there is no better way than a press release to accomplish this.

2. Share your press release on Social Media

Let your followers know that your business has been featured by credible news agencies. This should add immediate social proof to your business and can convert those “on the fence” customers into paying customers.

3. Do proper keyword research before writing the press release

Just as you would with a blog post, it’s important to do proper keyword research before writing a press release. You want to make sure you have keywords in your press release that your potential clients would be searching for. Your press release will be featured on high DA websites and therefore it’s much more likely that it will receive a significant amount of traffic.

4. Use Only Naked or Brand Name anchor text

As mentioned above, many websites have been penalized due to having too many exact anchor text links. We recommend using a maximum of three links in your press release in order to avoid Google penalties. We suggest you use one naked url anchor text, one link to one of your company’s social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc), and one brand anchor text.

Summing it all up

A press release is a great tool to introduce to your online marketing plan. We highly recommend every website issue at least one press release in order to spread word about your company as well as build up a solid foundation of high quality links to your website.

That’s just about it for Press Releases! If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments. If you’re interested in setting up a press release for your website let us know and we’ll be happy to help!