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Pinterest for Your Business







As we progress through this ever-changing digital world, there is only one constant: Change. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and new layers and complexities are being added to the table everyday.

Whereas SEO was once the one and only factor of webmasters’ strategy, today there are multitudes of factors being added to the equation. We’ve seen a huge weight of importance move to both content creation and social media over the past few years.

Today we are going to look at using Pinterest for your business. If used correctly, this social media platform can be another great tool for your online arsenal.

What is Pinterest?

Well, let’s just say that it is easy on the eyes. Pinterest describes itself as being a “visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas”.

Pinterest essentially has a bunch of different categories that you can choose from:

Pinterest Categories

It is filled with beautiful quality images within all these categories. From my experience, I haven’t seen any other platform that shares such high quality images other than Instagram.

How it Works?

Once you create your profile, within it, you create personal “boards” which act as a file to save your pins to.


Using ourselves as an example, we currently have 2 different boards within our profile:

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Beautiful Architecture

Every time we see a good pin related to online marketing that is informative and helpful, we simply pin it to our Digital Marketing board. Now whenever we want to refresh our memory, we can always find it in our board. Of course, at the same time, all of our followers can see it as well. At the end of the day, good information should be shared amongst us all. That’s what we are doing here.

How to Use Pinterest for your Business

Well using ourselves as an example once again. Quite simply, we care to share useful information with our followers.

With Pinterest, at times it’ll be our information but more often than not, the useful information we are sharing (or “Pinning”) is coming from someone else.

It’s about networks and it’s about bouncing ideas off eachother, that’s the beauty of Pinterest. Your boards are an image of yourself and your business.

You Need to Get Creative

Here is a great post on how WholeFoods uses Pinterest for their business.

Key Takeaway: They are advertising a lifestyle, not their products.

When it comes to using Pinterest for your business, you have to think like a content marketer and not an advertiser. People aren’t coming here to see ads for products; they are coming here for ideas and to learn.

Why Use it?

It’s all about that online presence you are trying to build. If you want to be found, you need to show up! Having a well developed online strategy is being aware of all the complexities within it and using them all in tandem.

What we are aiming for is a well rounded internet presence. We are sharing our information on a multitude of fronts so that we can reach different sects of people.

People have their preference in how they like to take in information and how they like to search for it. Always being aware of this and adjusting to it will allow us to reach a wider audience. That is exactly what we are looking to do.

PS. Here is a great tool to use for Pinterest.

Get Your Pin On!