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What is a Squeeze Page?

A squeeze page is a landing page which aims at acquiring your readers/visitors email addresses. Of course, the goal is to entice them to give it to you because you will add value with the information you provide them down the line.

Today we’re going to study the art of building an effective squeeze page by identifying the bare essentials needed.

What Makes a Good Squeeze Page?

The ultimate goal of a squeeze page is to get your readers to give you their email. Once you have great SEO and people find your business, you want to make sure to collect theor information. A good squeeze page does this by telling your readers to do so….. subtly. A squeeze page should tell your readers exactly what to do, it must be subtle yet clear in intent.

What Should a Squeeze Page Offer?


People do not give their emails out for free. Our goal is to entice our readers to do so by offering them something of value. Prime examples of squeeze page offerings are:

– E-Book
– Free Course
– Instructional Video
– Templates

As you can see, a lot of the good offerings revolve around providing them with quality content. Whatever it is you’re offering, make it clear to the reader as to why you need their email. More and more people are aware that internet marketers would love to have as many emails as possible. Do not let your reader feel that you are simply out to get his/her email for the sole purpose of spamming them down the line with constant offers.

One of the best ways to kill such thoughts and lower your readers reluctance is for your offer to match the medium needed. You’re asking for their email because you NEED it to deliver what you’re offering.

What is the Best Offer?

Not all offers are created equal. Although we listed a few examples above, we’d like to make clear what the best offers are.


What we mean by this, is that whatever it is you are offering, provide it in sequence. 

Our favorite offers are instructional courses and we’re going to go over why that is.

1. Email is Needed

As we said earlier, one of the greatest keys to building an effective squeeze page is for your offer to actualy need the reader/vistor’s email. Of course, it is fair for someone to give their email in exchange for an E-Book or instructional video, but it is not necessary.

Offering a course over a few emails makes the need for an email address evident. Your reader instantly understands that his/her email is really needed in this case.

2. Information in Small Doses is Better Retained

If you’re looking to provide your reader with one long instructional video, chances of them retaining everything is worse than if your break it up in parts.

By offering them the same video but broken up in smaller section (shorter videos), your readers will, quite simply, learn it better. Doing it this way will allow your readers to digest the information more effectively.

3. It’s More Enjoyable

This overlaps with point number two. Receiving the information in small doses, allows your reader to digest the information better. They have time to think about what your are teaching them. Their attention span has been considered by you. Not everyone can sit down and watch a 45 minute video.

By offering short instructional videos (example), your reader also builds anticipation and thinks about what the next video will talk about. It is just a more enjoyable experience. Of course some people want the information right away but if you are trully offering them value, they will be patient.

To Conclude

The main key to building an effective squeeze page is to start at the end and move backward until you get to the squeeze page. It’s all about offering value. Of course there are a ton of little tricks that have been discovered over the years and we will dive in to that in the near future.

To begin, always have your readers interests in mind. Your offer should NEED your reader/visotor’s email and the best way to show this is by offering them information over a few emails. Your offer should be sequential.

Hope this helps!