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So you’d like to grow your property management business? There’s no doubt that traffic to your property management website is the key ingredient to building a profitable online presence. But not all traffic is equal. There are 3 different types of traffic you generate to your company’s website:

1.Traffic you CONTROL

2.Traffic you direct

3.Incidental traffic

The goal is turn every type of traffic into traffic you CONTROL. When you CONTROL your traffic, you’ll be able to increase your property management customers and your profits!

So what are these three types of traffic?

How do you use them to increase your property management customers?

Let’s get started.

1. Traffic you CONTROL

We’ll start with the traffic you CONTROL. This is your money making traffic. The end goal is to turn all traffic into traffic you CONTROL.

This type of traffic is your email list, your social media followers, and your customers. You CONTROL this traffic because you get to decide what they read. You can send out any message to them through an email or a social media post whenever you’d like. You can sell your property management services to these clients over and over again without incurring any additional marketing costs.


How you make money from Traffic you CONTROL

Your email list consists of your hottest leads. After all, your email list is the group of people who have shown enough interest in your property management company that they were willing to subscribe to your newsletter, pdf, etc.

Through the use of a successful email marketing campaign you should be able to convert some of these hot leads into paying customers. You can send your email list regular updates on your business, information on new services, upcoming promotions, and anything else that might entice them to use your property management services..   For more information on how to create a successful email marketing campaign check out this post!


2. Traffic you DIRECT

The next type of traffic is traffic you direct. This is the 2nd level of traffic, which you can turn into traffic you CONTROL because YOU direct them where to go.

How to turn traffic you direct into traffic you CONTROL!

You turn traffic you direct into traffic you CONTROL through the use of an advertising platform. For example, through Facebook Ads you can direct the traffic by buying an ad on Facebook and then directing whoever clicks on the ad to your property management company’s squeeze page.


Once they arrive on your squeeze page, the main goal is to get them to give you their email address.


An effective squeeze page can be the difference between increasing your property management customers and wasted money on advertisement. So it’s imperative you learn how to build an effective squeeze page to convert the traffic you direct. Once they’ve given you their email address you’ve now turned the traffic you direct into traffic you CONTROL.


how to increase your property management customers


3. Incidental traffic

The 3rd type of traffic is random. You have no control how Incidental traffic lands on your company’s website. However, this often occurs. Every day we have traffic on our website from countries abroad that we’ve never targeted. (Although we love that you visit our website J)


So how can this happen?


There are many ways your company website can generate incidental traffic. For example, they might follow one of your followers on twitter. Your follower may retweet one of your blog posts and they click on the link. This would result in them incidentally landing on your property management company’s blog.


How to turn incidental traffic into traffic you CONTROL!


Again, your only goal with incidental traffic is to turn them into traffic that you CONTROL. To do this you need their email address or contact information. A pop-up prompting them to subscribe to your newsletter once they enter your website is a great way to capture their email, which will allow you to provide more value to them in the future. If you can provide value to the visitors of your website they’ll be more inclined to return and eventually becoming a paying customer.


Once you’ve mastered converting all types of traffic into traffic you CONTROL, you’ll be able to use effective email marketing to increase your property management customers.


If you need help setting up your advertising strategy or executing an effective email marketing campaign feel free to give us a shout and we’d be happy to help 🙂