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With over 2M active real estate agents in the U.S alone (source: it can be tough to get your voice heard in a saturated market. There’s no doubt that marketing for real estate agents is important if you want any chance at a successful career. The problem is it might not be affordable for you to hire a marketing agency to grow your brand identity. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to marketing. There are plenty of ways you can get your name out to your target market without spending thousands of dollars on marketing.

We’ve got 3 tips for you about marketing for real estate agents on a budget:

1.Build yourself a personal website (Total Cost: free-$2000)

Whether you work for a real estate agency or not, a personal website is a great way to market yourself. One of the first places people will look for a real estate agent is online. If you’re able to incorporate SEO marketing into your website it’ll help you rank in Google for local keywords, which will generate many more leads for your business.

Your website doesn’t have to be overly complex. A simple website can be created for a very affordable price (contact us to help you get started). If you want you can even learn how to build one yourself using Wix, WordPress, or Shopify.

We suggest including the following pages on your website:

  • About Us: Have this page feature your picture and a small autobiography. Let people know how you got into being a real estate agent, your credentials, your hobbies, and anything else that can help them relate. You want  to build trust through your website and one of the best ways to do this is to open up and show your potential customers who you are.
  • Property Listings page: Have a page with images of the listings that you have for sale along with a description of each listing. This will allow interested buyers to see what you have to offer and will contact you directly if they see any properties that appeal to them. Make sure to take high quality images of your listings and write detailed descriptions of the amenities.
  • Marketing for Real Estate AgentsContact Form: In today’s world people seek instant gratification. You need a method to be contacted immediately or else there’s a good chance people will forget about you the second they leave your website. By having a simple contact form on your website people can contact you right away, which can lead to future clients.
  • Blog Page: Writing a blog may take a bit of extra effort but it will pay off. A blog will help you build trust with potential clients, showcase your knowledge of the real estate market in your local area, and increase your SEO efforts (which lead to increased marketing for your website).

2. Perfect a Social Media Platform (Total Cost: free)

Social media is an underutilized area of marketing for real estate agents. You should be taking advantage of the fact you’re able to reach out to millions of people for no cost at all. We suggest you chose one social media platform and perfect it before expanding into other platforms.

As an agent you want to be getting images of your property listings out on the web for people to see. Two of the best social media websites for this are Pinterest and Instagram. Through effective use of either one of these social media websites you can begin to engage your audience and increase your online presence by getting your images shared by thousands of people. Be sure to share when you close a deal and ask your current clients to share your social media posts.  

Marketing for Real Estate Agents on Pinterest

Lastly, don’t forget to include your personal contact information on your social media profile as well as a link to your personal website. This will help interested clients reach out to you.

3. Run a Facebook Ads Campaign (Total Cost: As little as $1 per day)

Facebook’s advertising platform is extremely affordable and can help you reach your target market for as little as $1 per day. Using Facebook you can get your brand in front of people looking to purchase real estate in the area you serve. There’s no other platform for marketing that will allow you to narrow down your audience as specifically as Facebook. Check out our blog post for more information on why you should be using Facebook advertising for your business.  

Marketing for Real Estate Agents on Facebook


Summing it all up

As you can see marketing for real estate agents is possible without spending a fortune. In today’s digital age you have the ability to get your name in front of thousands of people in your target market without breaking your bank account.

If you’d like more help in implementing a marketing strategy for your business give us a shout and we’d be happy to consult you.