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If you’re looking for a creative property management marketing plan that generates real results for your company, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the exact process you should follow when it comes to marketing your property management company online.


Video Transcription

We’ve talked with a lot of property management companies at Upkeep Media, and one of the things that we find is that a lot of companies will implement a marketing strategy at the wrong point in time.

Because of this, they get lackluster results and the experience leaves them thinking that online marketing isn’t something that can actually help them grow their business.

So, what we’ve done is create this graphic illustrating the exact process you should follow when it comes to marketing your property management company.


Phase 1: Your Marketing Foundation

The first stage that you need to focus on is what we call phase 1, your company’s foundation. Your foundation basically consists of your property management company’s website and your online reputation.


Your website needs to have proper messaging. Messaging needs to be written for the rental property owner.

It needs to look professional and demonstrate trust. If you have a poor-quality website, it’s going to be much tougher to get people to actually trust you and reach out to you.

You have to remember your website is the face of your business whether you’re doing online marketing or even if you’re just knocking door to door.

It’s somewhere people are going to check out to see what your company has to say about itself and where they’re going to check for your company’s online reviews.


Online Reputation

Reviews have to do with your company’s online reputation. So, focusing in on your Google reviews is extremely important as well.

Make sure before you start investing in any type of online marketing, you should have at a minimum 10 online reviews for your company.

Otherwise, even if you’re driving tons of traffic to your website, you’re paying for Google ads, you’re generating traffic from social media, people are still not going to pick up the phone and actually call your company.

That’s because there’s nothing for them to read about you online and over 86% of consumers nowadays will look at reviews before reaching out to a company.


Phase 2: Generate Traffic

Once you have your foundation sort of established, you have a proper website that demonstrates your level of professionalism. You have a solid online reputation.

That’s when we say, okay, now you’re ready to move on to what we call phase 2, traffic generation. This is where we actually generate eyes on your business.

Generating visitors to your website, visitors to your landing page is essentially how we do that.

There are 3 sources you can use:

⦁ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
⦁ Google ads (PPC campaigns)
⦁ Social Media Marketing (e.g. Facebook ads)



There’s something called search engine optimization that focuses on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Generally, if you’re just getting started out, the best place to start is going to be through search engines.

The reason being is when people are going through search engines, they are looking specifically for the services your company provides.

So, it’s not disruptive marketing, it’s inbound marketing.

People are going out there searching for ‘Property Management Services Chicago.’

If you’re a company located in Chicago, you want to show up for that type of keyword. So that those people will then click through and visit your company’s website to find out about your company.


Google Ads

Another way for your property management company’s website to appear for people searching for your services is by using Google Ads.

A great perk of these ads is that you can reach customers at the perfect time — exactly when they are searching for your company’s services.

Ultimately, the goal is always to convert a percentage of the people who click on your property management company’s ad to a lead for your business.


Social Media Marketing

Once you have established a presence in search engines (we’ll say at a minimum 2,000 visitors per month) that’s when you can start to focus in on some social media marketing.

With Facebook ads, Facebook gives you the ability to reach your exact audience so it’s easy to reach your target market.

You can even run ads that are advertising your real estate agent referral program.

Though it’s an interesting tool for property management companies at any stage, Facebook is usually best used when included in what we call phase 3.


Phase 3: Nurture Your Audience

What most people don’t realize is that only around 5% of people who actually land on your website are ready to make a purchasing decision.

The other 95% are people shopping around and maybe they already use a property management company.

They’re seeing what else is out there. Maybe, they’re considering purchasing an investment property, they want to see what their options are once they actually purchase that property.

For whatever reason, they’re not necessarily ready to pick up the phone and actually hire a company. What you need to do is stay top of mind with those individuals so that some of them become leads for your business later down the road.

How you do that is what we call nurturing that audience.

There are two ways that you can nurture the audience:

1) Remarketing Ads

The first one is what we call remarketing ads. You can run remarketing ads through Google, and you can also run remarketing ads on social media via Facebook.

Generally, social media remarketing is going to be your cheapest source of online advertising and of online leads. The reason being is because you’re able to show ads to anybody who’s already visited your website.

What you do is you install something called a pixel on the backend of your website and that pixel will track the data for anybody who has visited your website. This will allow you to then retarget those individuals with ads for your company.

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2) Email Marketing

The second way to nurture your audience is by using email marketing. Generally, the goal with this is you’re going to offer some pieces of downloadable content on your website.

In order for the visitor to download that content, they’re going to have to enter their email and their first name.

Then you’re going to send them follow-up emails, providing them with the useful information they’ve signed up for.

You don’t want to just reach out and say, “Hey, I saw you were on our website. Can we schedule a call and see if our property management services can help you?” That is the wrong way to approach it.

That’s the quickest way to get them to unsubscribe from your email list. What you really want to do is provide them with valuable information, send them articles that are actually going to be helpful for them in the management of their property.

After you’ve provided your subscribers with a lot of value, then you can send out an email, every now and then saying, “Hey, would you be interested in scheduling a call to see if we can help you with your investment goals.” Something along those lines.

Basically, you want to build trust by demonstrating your expertise by delivering valuable information to their email box.

Then you’ll want to reach out and try to set up an appointment to follow up and see if your services would be a good fit for their needs.

Over the long run, the goal is to have this funnel set up where you’ll have a proper website, you’ll have a great online reputation, and you are feeding traffic into that website, so people are seeing your amazing online reputation.

From that traffic, you’re then retargeting those individuals to stay top of mind so that when they’re ready to make a purchasing decision, your property management company is the one that comes to mind.

If you’re considering investing in online marketing, or if you already have and are seeing lackluster results, make sure that you have all of these stages down pact.

If you have a terrible website but you’re running a Google Ads campaign, or you’re investing tons of money in social media marketing, it’s time to fix that up. Stop what you’re doing, pause the ads, and get a proper website done.

It will save you money over the long run and it will help you to eliminate some of the waste that’s going into your current online marketing campaigns.

If you would ever like to talk to us, we offer something called a free growth marketing session at Upkeep Media.

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Thanks, and have a great day!