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Inbound Marketing For Property Management

Conventional forms of advertising and sales are slowly becoming much less effective.

If you’re not flexible enough to adapt to the new age of marketing, your company will be left behind.

Fortunately, I’ve created this article to show you an easier and more sustainable method of marketing that will forever transform the way you gain customers.

You’ll no longer need to spend your days’ cold calling or sending postcards to FRBO (for-rent-by-owner) listings.

(If you decide to continue these methods, this technique will also boost your success)

Would it be nice to build a machine that consistently helps you bring on additional properties to manage?

Would you like to have an automated process where rental property owners reach out to you to find out more information about your services?

If your answer to both questions is ‘YES!’, then continue reading.

The Boiler Room Problem

I want to share a recent story with you.

One of my friends owns a successful business. They generate a respectable annual revenue ($15M/year). They also sell a high-value product ($4k+ with margins in excess of 50%).

They are essentially a sales organization.

Their sales process works as follows:

Step 1) They purchase a large list of leads worth around $20,000.

Step 2) Their team makes cold calls to the purchased leads and attempt to arrange a demonstration.

Step 3) They have a dedicated team of ‘closers’ that sell the product.

While this strategy generates a considerable amount of revenue, their strategy faces an enormous roadblock: it is extremely challenging to have customers answer and stay on the phone to listen to what they have to say.

Cold Calling Monkey

While this strategy does work, the process is extremely difficult and expensive. Each unsuccessful sales call that was dropped is a dollar down the drain.

When it comes to employees, it is evident that the employees have extremely low morale. Lots of employees that start end up quitting after a couple months. They may try as hard as they can to increase sales, however, if they can’t get a hold of someone to answer their call, they won’t be able to make a sale.

Because of the inefficiency and costs associated with this method, if they refuse to change their marketing strategy, it’s likely they’ll be left in the dust of their competitors.


Why This Strategy No Longer Works

How people make purchasing decisions has changed. How sales works has changed. Significantly.

1) Customers don’t like being sold to, they do research

Clients are now much more capable of making their own decisions. The internet has allowed consumers to do their own research. People won’t even go to a restaurant without looking up reviews.

They will look up reviews about your company before contacting you. Hell, they literally look up reviews about anything.

This floss on Amazon has over 1250 reviews alone!

Think about that for a second.

Reviews of Floss

2) Consumers are absolutely SICK of ads

They’re tired of seeing ads everywhere they go. Take a look at these numbers:

  • 78% of adults over the age of 35 think there are too many ads.
  • 51% of adults aged 35 and older find the ads irrelevant to their interests.


So yeah, people HATE ads.

3) Consumers disregard everything.

They often don’t answer their phones. In general, they barely respond to messages – even from their friends!

(I have a hard time getting my own girlfriend to reply to a text message within a day)

So as a property management company how are you supposed to reach real estate investors in a world of overwhelming advertising?

The Answer to This Golden Question

Don’t advertise to them.

Help them!


Real estate investors and do-it-yourself landlords are constantly facing challenges. They don’t want to be bombarded with ads about your company’s service. They want to hear about how to solve their issues.

This concept is called Inbound Marketing. It’s time you start using it to grow your property management company TODAY.

Instead of pushing your service on them, Inbound Marketing is all about attracting your audience to your company’s service

Inbound Marketing revolves around creating educational content that helps real estate investors and DIY Landlords. By answering their questions and helping them solve their issues you’ll start building a relationship.

This relationship will help your company position itself as an authority, which will ultimately result in them trusting you. Once they trust you, they’ll become curious about how your company’s services can help them with their problems.

The property owner now likes you, knows you, and trusts you.

This makes it 10x easier to close the sale.

Do You Want Help Growing Your Property Management Business?


Here’s How To Put This Into Action

So now I’m going to get into clichés.

It’s all about ‘Quality Content’.

Before you press the X at the corner of your screen let me explain how to use Inbound marketing to grow your property management company.

When we break it down, it’s quite simple.

Step 1: Identify the most common problems that real estate investors and DIY landlords face.

Step 2: Create blog posts on your company website about the solutions to those problems

Step 3: Promote the articles through Facebook ads and your email list

Step 4: Your target market will see them, read them, and begin to view your company as an authority.

Step 5: They’ll become curious about your company’s services.

Step 6: They’ll join your email list or reach out to you to find out more information.

Step 7: Continue sending them awesome articles that answer their questions and solve their problems. In the articles make sure you give them the opportunity to contact you.

Step 8: Over time they’ll reach out to you

Step 9: Your Business Development Manager will have an easy sell because the lead already knows, likes, and trusts your company.

If you focus your efforts on this strategy rather than attending endless networking events and cold calling, you’ll have leads contacting YOU.

Clients Contacting You

How To Get Started – Without Wasting Your Time

This strategy sounds very simple but there’s a catch:

You need to blog on a consistent basis.

Your blog will need to have content that educates your target audience.

Think of the main issues your customers face and write articles that solve these issues. After reading the articles they should walk away knowing how to solve their problems.

Over time, your website will begin to show up in your city when real estate investors and DIY landlords search for the answers to their questions.

When they visit your website, you’ll want to focus on getting them to subscribe to your company’s email list.

You can accomplish that by using free tools like PopUp Domination or Hellobar.

Once they’ve subscribed to your email list you can continue sending them content you’ve created and then give them a chance to reach out to you.

Need Help? – We’ve Got You Covered

The biggest problem is that most people don’t have the time or expertise to write quality content. You have more important things to do, like run your property management company.

It takes time to consistently publish quality articles and you also need to be a decent writer.

It’s for this reason we released our Content Creation Services.

At Upkeep Media we make it easy to implement Inbound Marketing. Our writers are experts in property management and will create high-quality articles for your blog on a consistent basis.

This content will help attract new customers to your business.

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If you have any questions leave them in the comments!