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A website is an integral part of marketing a cleaning business. It helps your company connect with new clients. It offers your company the opportunity to emerge in the search engine results when prospective clients look for cleaning services within the area your company operates. Having a website is affordable and can also be created on your own. Prior to making the mistake of not having a website, below are the top 5 reasons why you require a website for marketing a cleaning business.

1. A website will generate leads for your cleaning business 24/7. 

When you depend on phone calls and flyers to establish your customer list, you will only acquire leads during regular business hours. Even when you choose to link calls to your mobile phone, it will reach a time during the night when you stop responding to them. While online, your future customers are able to contact you 24/7. By using a contact form on your website, your potential customers can contact you no matter what time of day. We live in a time of instant gratification. If your business isn’t available for a potential client, there is a good chance they’ll move on to the next cleaning company who can respond to their instant needs. Being accessible around the clock is a necessity in today’s business world.

2. A website gives your cleaning company the ability to spread word of mouth faster than ever

During the earlier days, generating new business opportunities involved a lot of talking to individuals and hoping the information would spread. In recent times though, the cleaning business is very much saturated, hence you require a method that will enable you to keep up with the competition. Marketing a cleaning business online is a modern day form of common word of mouth, and having a website is among the cornerstones of online advertising. With the power of social media you can spread your cleaning company’s image faster than word of mouth could in the past. This will establish a foundation for your future marketing efforts.

Marketing a Cleaning Business

3. A website enables you to reach out to the international market. 

Whenever you showcase your cleaning company online, you not only reach out to your local community, but also the entire world. In today’s world, business is international. While your cleaning company may only provide cleaning services locally, your potential clients may be trying to find you from locations abroad. For example, it’s no longer uncommon for someone to own commercial property in Florida, while living in Japan. Globalization has expanded the reach of your company. You can now access potential international clients without having to leave your city. In fact, one of the only ways international clients can find your cleaning business is online, through your website.

4. A website allows you to display your services at all times

It is not possible that you will always be available to showcase your cleaning services to individuals. Customers who require evidence of your company’s capabilities can visit your website to view before and after photographs of your services. You can also include customer reviews on your website from previously satisfied customers. This will demonstrate to people and companies looking for cleaning services that your company can provide a quality service. You can leverage your website to act as your online resume, therefore it is vital to make proper use of it.

5. A website adds credibility to your company 

When potential customers hear of your cleaning company they’ll immediately look online to see any company reviews as well as your company website. If your cleaning company does not have a website they’ll have a hard time finding you. This can also lead to a lack of credibility. In today’s day and age it’s expected that you’ll be able to find any company you are dealing with online. By having a website your potential customers will be able to familiarize themselves with your company, which will add credibility to your company name.

A website is clearly an integral part of marketing a cleaning business. When coming up with the website for your cleaning business, ensure you opt for minimalism. Less means more as far as a website design is concerned. Do not overpower visitors with numerous animations and too many color schemes. Select modest fonts, constant color palette and photographs that depict the professionalism of your cleaning company. This will allow for an easier user experience and increased SEO benefits.

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